The Right Roast for the Left

I got robbed twice in the same day here in Lima, Peru. Here will not be the case for much longer, seeing how I am in the airport. The first thief was very polite. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Some of the biggest assholes are the nicest people I know. Some of the kindest people are often the most fake mother fuckers around.


Take the internet’s social justice warriors for instance. They use their keyboard as a sword in order to make a change in the injustices that run rampant across humanity. But disagree with their position, and you are instantly a racist, homophobe, or just plain hater.


This really came to light during and after Trump was elected. The left thought they were 100% right because they were fighting for people’s rights. The problem with thinking that you are 100% right in your convictions is the fact that you think the other side is 100% wrong. Let me tell you some truth, people. One of the few sure things in this reality is that we know nothing. Yes, we have a moral compass. Some have a stronger one than others. But no compass is 100% accurate, no matter how right or wrong you think something is.


Take flag burning for instance. A lot of Americans cannot stand the sight or thought of another American burning the stars and stripes. Well guess what, sugar pop… It is their fucking right to burn that flag. That is what America is all about. Freedom of speech. “But soldiers die for that flag.” Wrong. Soldiers die for your right to burn that flag. That is freedom. That is what the flag represents. If people are punished for burning a flag, than what is freedom? In that case, it’s a contradiction.
One more thing… For those of you who claim that Trump is “not my president” must not be a U.S. citizen. Because if you are a citizen of the U.S., then he is quite literally your president, whether your cry baby mind likes it or not. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t vote for Trump, but I am strong enough to face the consequences of the electoral college.

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